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A great deal of time and exploration went into finding out more about this curiosity discovered almost by accident. The house has a rich and interesting history,and while restoring it, it became obvious the house itself had undergone many architectural changes - chimneys and fireplaces came and went; windows were added; layers and layers of paint were added through the years. Explore our findings, right.


Two people who loved old houses knew the building had some history to it and thought it would make a useful addition to their property on Chincoteague.  So   husband and wife, Paul Brzozowski and Louisa Flaningam  purchased the house in December 2009 and learned more about early American architecture and it’s history than they ever could have imagined. (Photo 1 in Slideshow.) It was a surprise to find the house was made of log planks.                                                                                                                                                        

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